Bloody hell. Last night we put tickets on sale for CHAPTER 21: YOU KNOW WE DON’T LIKE TO USE THE SIT DOWN GUN on September 6th at the Electric Ballroom. At 10pm they went on sale… and at 10.18pm they were totally SOLD OUT. Wow. THANK YOU ALL for your support. This is utterly insane.

With that in mind, we thought we would make a little announcement regarding 2016. Obviously we have recently announced that we will be starting to run shows in Manchester, but we an now also reveal that from March onwards that we will be running MONTHLY CHAPTER SHOWS IN LONDON. Yep, that’s right. You guys want more PROGRESS, you get more PROGRESS. Along with ENDVR shows in 2016, we will have some kind of show every two weeks – and of course ALL of these shows will be on DEMAND PROGRESS in case you can’t get along (we’re obviously not expecting you all to come to every show!)

Here’s the full list of dates including the rest of this year:


11th August – PTNTL 1 – The Bedford, Balham

27th August – PTNTL 2 – The Bedford, Balham

6th September – Chapter 21: You Know We Don’t Like To Use The Sit Down Gun – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

13th September – ENDVR 12 – The Garage, Islington

18th October – Chapter 22- The Electric Ballroom, Camden

1st November – ENDVR 13 –  The Garage, Islington

29th November – Chapter 23 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

6th December – Chapter 24: Hit the North! – The Ritz, Manchester


3rd January – ENDVR 14 – The Garage, Islington

24th January – Chapter 25 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

14th February – Chapter 26 – The Ritz, Manchester

13th March – ENDVR 15 – The Garage, Islington

27th March – Chapter 27 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

10th April – Chapter 28 – The Ritz, Manchester

24th April – Chapter 29 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

15th May – ENDVR 16 – The Garage, Islington

29th and 30th May – Chapter 30: Super Strong Style 16 2016 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

19th June – Chapter 31 – The Ritz, Manchester

26th June – Chapter 32 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

17th July – ENDVR 17 – The Garage, Islington

31st July – Chapter 33 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

14th August – Chapter 34 – The Ritz, Manchester

28th August – Chapter 35 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

11th September – ENDVR 18 – The Garage, Islington

25th September – Chapter 36 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

16th October – Chapter 37 – The Ritz, Manchester

30th October – Chapter 38 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

13th November – ENDVR 19 – The Garage, Islington

27th November – Chapter 39 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden

11th December – Chapter 40 – The Ritz, Manchester

If ever you needed a reason to buy your 2016 diary early, this would be it. Spread the word – we wouldn’t be in a position to put on all these shows if it wasn’t for your utterly phenomenal level of support. Thank you all so very, VERY much.

Jim, Jon and Glen