This past weekend, two PROGRESS veterans picked up impressive victories at CHAPTER 23.

RAMPAGE BROWN beat Big Daddy Walter in an all-out war that saw the ring break at one point, and yet the two monsters just kept beating on each other until there was a winner.

MARTY SCURLL used rather more nefarious means to win his match against Tommaso Ciampa after choking out the “Psycho Killer”.

Both of these men have been mainstays of our roster for a long time, and they’re both perfect at showcasing what our company is all about as we make our début in Manchester at The Ritz this Sunday with CHAPTER 24: HIT THE NORTH.

RAMPAGE BROWN vs MARTY SCURLL in one on one action is now official, and it will be a BELTER.

(Show SOLD OUT, some returns may be available here)