We’ve got one final match to be announced for CHAPTER 23: WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! this coming Sunday… and it is a BELTER.

At CHAPTER 22, the four members of THE ORIGIN stole a victory over the team of THE SUMERIAN DEATH SQUAD and THE LONDON RIOTS after a miscommunication between the Riots and the tag team champions.  Ever since then we have been bombarded with calls and emails from the members of The Origin insisting that they’ve earned a tag team title shot.

Add in the fact that James Davis and Rob Lynch of the London Riots have plenty of issues with The Origin – not to mention the words that were exchanged with the SDS after that epic eight man tag match – AND that Tommy End and Michael Dante welcome all challengers to their titles (and indeed, won the titles from The Origin), and we think we’ve got a heck of a match that can settle a few scores.

So then, to make it official: THE SUMERIAN DEATH SQUAD (Tommy End and Michael Dante) will defend their PROGRESS Tag Team Titles in a three way match against both THE LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch) and THE ORIGIN (Nathan Cruz and El Ligero).


Remember, Sunday’s show has long since SOLD OUT, but you may be able to pick up a returned ticket here.