It’s March 2nd… so tickets go on sale TONIGHT AT 10pm for CHAPTER 19 PARTS 1 and 2 to mailing list subscribers only.

CHAPTER 19 PARTS 1 and 2 takes place on Sunday May 24th and Bank Holiday Monday May 25th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

More information on how tickets are being sold and so on in a second… but first, as a 16 man tournament will form a major part of the weekend’s events, we asked you – the PROGRESS fans – to come up with a name for it.  We had hundreds of suggestions.  Some were awesome.  Some… not so. But the three of us have chosen a winner:  The show will now be called:


A round of applause for Dale Carpenter who suggested the name. We’ll be in touch.  Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea!

Right then, to tonight and tickets going on sale. Things to remember:

1: They will go on sale at 10pm to MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  If you are not already on the mailing list, then you need to sign up by clicking here. You will get an email BEFORE 10pm (usually 9pm latest) giving you a link to buy your tickets. If you don’t have the email, check you are signed up AND your spam folder.

2: WEEKEND TICKETS ONLY GO ON SALE TONIGHT.  So tonight you can ONLY buy combined tickets for BOTH days (and receive a 5% discount on buying separately for doing so).  This will remain the case for the next 3 days.  After that, we will put all remaining available tickets on sale for individual days only.  Got it?

3: Weekend ticket prices are as follows:

Front Row: £43.70

Gold Section (rows 2 and 3): £39.90

Silver Section (rows 4 and 5): £36.10

Regular Seating: £32.30

Standing: £24.70

And again, this gets you admission to BOTH days.

4: For each show, door times, start times and end times are approximately as below:

Chapter 19 Part 1, Sunday May 24th – Doors 2pm, Show 4pm, Finish approx 7.30pm

Chapter 19 Part 2, Monday May 25th – Doors 12pm, Show 2pm, Finish approx 7pm

The Monday show will be a longer than usual show with two intervals. Mark this information in your diary!

5: Remember, we only sell tickets through PayPal to save you on booking fees.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU EMPTY YOUR PAYPAL BASKET NOW TO ENSURE THAT YOU’RE READY FOR 10PM!

That’s it.  Good luck getting your tickets tonight!  And remember individual day tickets will go on sale on Friday March 6th from any stock that hasn’t been sold as weekend tickets.

ALSO! Tickets for ENDVR:10 on Sunday April 19th at the Garage in Islington go on sale tonight at the same time. These shows have been getting better and better, so don’t miss out on this either! £10 front row, £8 general admission.


(Of course, the show on Sunday March 22nd sold out in a quite ridiculous 36 minutes – but we have a waiting list for any returns (different to our usual mailing list) – click here to sign up for that)

The six man elimination match MAIN EVENT is already set for the PROGRESS Title with champion JIMMY HAVOC defending against NOAM DAR, DAVE MASTIFF, WILL OSPREAY, MARTY SCURLL and his own Regression cohort PAUL ROBINSON…

A long-standing score will be settled as MARK HASKINS takes on RAMPAGE BROWN in a no disqualification match…

Fan favourite ALI ARMSTRONG goes up against the East End Butcher SHA SAMUELS…

And announced at ENDVR on Sunday, PROGRESS Tag Team Champions THE FACELESS (whomever they may actually be) will defend the shields against former champion EDDIE DENNIS and his new partner “WILD BOAR” MIKE HITCHMAN.

We’ve still got more matches to announce, make sure you follow us on Twitter to learn what they are as we release the information.

Thanks everyone!

Jim, Jon and Glen

This. Is. Progress.