So… CHAPTER 21: YOU KNOW WE DON’T LIKE TO USE THE SIT DOWN GUN was a bit good yesterday, wasn’t it? Cripes.

It’s the day after the show before, so that means that tickets for CHAPTER 22 on SUNDAY OCTOBER 18th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden go on sale TONIGHT AT 10pm TO MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.

Chapter 21 sold out in 18 MINUTES, so the mailing list may well be your only way of getting a ticket to Chapter 22 this evening.  Make sure that you are signed up right now.

Also, the all-new PRO-GEEZE and BLESSED IN THE WORLD t-shirts are available and in stock NOW over on the shop page, along with hoodies and other t-shirts and DVDs and the like. So head on over there now and pick up something pretty.

We are OVERWHELMED with your support during the show yesterday.  Expect to see Chapter 22 on DEMAND PROGRESS in the next week or so, but WHAT a show that was. Wow.

Thanks everyone!

Jim, Jon and Glen