Within an hour and a half of putting tickets for CHAPTER 23: WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! (Sunday November 29th at the Electric Ballroom, Camden) on sale at 10pm last night, once again we had totally SOLD OUT.  This makes TWENTY FIVE SOLD OUT SHOWS IN A ROW – every chapter show, plus both SSS16 shows and the 2014 World Cup show.  Unbelievable.  Thank you for all of your support as our company grows and we put out even more shows.  We appreciate you can’t always come to every show, but the support you show us is AMAZING.  Thank you all!

Eeh, and they said running shows in London wouldn’t work…

Over at the shop page, there is some cool new stuff:

  • The CHAPTER 22: TRUST, ENCOURAGEMENT, REWARD, LOYALTY, SATISFACTION 2-disc DVD pre-order is now available, at a discount until Monday night.  As always, it’ll be a limited edition release, don’t miss out!
  • We’re re-printing the PROGRESS Logo Baseball T-Shirt that we sold out of on Sunday.
  • We’ve got limited stock left on the classic black PROGRESS logo shirt.
  • Plus we’ve updated stock levels on everything else.  When it’s gone, it’s gone!

So get yourself over to the shop now and grab yourself something while we have things left. Go go go!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget London 2016 season tickets are on sale on November 16th! More info on those here.

Once again, from the three of us, thank you for selling out yet another show.  Your support is mind-blowing.  Roll on November 29th!

Jim, Jon and Glen