So Chapter 22 is now in the books.  Tonight at 10pm tickets for Chapter 23 on Sunday November 29th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden go on sale to mailing list subscribers.  Saying that they tend to go a bit quickly might well be the biggest understatement in history…

So: If you’re not on it already, click here to get on the mailing list now. Do it!

ALSO! Don’t forget that season tickets for all of the 2016 London shows go on sale on Monday November 16th at 10pm.  There’s more info about that here.

And we’ve already announced two matches based on events yesterday.  SPOILER ALERT!!! If you want to wait to watch the show on Demand PROGRESS next week then do not scroll down.  Got it?


















Is it safe yet?












So the main event of CHAPTER 23 will see PROGRESS CHAMPION WILL OSPREAY defend his title against the only triple crown champion in PROGRESS history – former singles, tag team and NPS champion – MARK ANDREWS.  There is SO much history there, and these guys have already had two of the best matches in the history of our company.  This will be a sure-fire match of the year candidate, no doubt about it.

ALSO:  MARTY SCURLL decided to run down the crowd and state his agenda after his match, only to be interrupted by TOMMASO CIAMPA – and the “Psycho Killer” is going to return to his “home away from home” around his commitments stateside to teach “The Villain” some respect.  This one will be an absolute cracker as well.  We cannot wait.

Plus we’ve got more matches still to announce and a lot of fallout from yesterday to process.  Chapter 23 will be a belter.  Do not miss out.  10pm.  Get on it.

Thanks again for you awesome support and noise yesterday guys.  You rock.

Jim, Jon and Glen