Yesterday we announced the launch of DEMAND PROGRESS, our on-demand site where you can stream our shows for the stupendously low price of £4.99 per month.  LESS THAN A FIVER!  Loads of fans have already signed up.

You can also download and keep shows via the same system by paying one-off fees for the shows that you’d like.

Here’s a few key points about the new service:

* It’s £4.99 per month.  Less than a packet of 20 cigarettes, cinema ticket, two pints in a pub or any other unit of financial measurement that the news uses around budget time. (Price is charged in US dollars, but is equivalent to £4.99)

* You can sign up and use the service from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. So if you’re an American, Canadian, Italian, Australian, German, Dutch, Korean or Japanese fan (we know these guys exist, let us know if you’re from another country!) then you can sign up and enjoy the same content as everyone else.

* Current content is Chapters 9-12, 14 to 17 (this is why we delayed the download release of Chapter 17) and ENDVRs 7 and 8.

* Chapters 1-8, 13, the World Cup and remaining ENDVR shows will be live within a fortnight.

* The matches that we filmed at Sonisphere last year will be up within the month.

* We will also have yesterday’s Chapter 18 show up ASAP – in fact all shows from now on will be available FIRST on Demand PROGRESS, exclusively for at least a month.

* We will still produce limited edition DVDs via the pre-order system. However they will now be “show only” without extras – but will now include wrestler entrances.

* Going forwards Demand PROGRESS will feature EVERY chapter show, EVERY ENDVR show and our five nights at Download this year, along with lots of other exclusive extras.

Click the “on demand” button in the menu bar or follow this link to have a look and get signed up now!

Thanks guys,

Jim, Jon and Glen


NOTE: Not all content may always be available at all times. Demand PROGRESS is hosted by PivotShare.