So CHAPTER 24: HIT THE NORTH on Sunday December 6th at the Ritz in Manchester (doors 1pm, show 3pm) is our début show in Manchester.  Not only has it already sold out way in advance, but it sold out without us announcing a single match.  Well, we can now let you know all about our first announcement.

During our Strong Style 16 tournament in May, there was a stand-out match between two of the best wrestlers in the world (you can watch the whole two days of that show – and all of our shows –  over at DEMAND PROGRESS).  We thought it would be cool to have them clash again, but up the M6 this time.

That means that anyone lucky enough to have a ticket for HIT THE NORTH will get to see round two of ZACK SABRE JR vs TOMMASO CIAMPA.  We really don’t mess about, do we?

If you missed out on getting a ticket, make sure that you check out the Twickets page in case of any returns. Click here to do that now.

Thanks guys!

Jim, Jon and Glen