As you’re all more than aware of by now, CHAPTER SIXTEEN: VERY VERY VERY BREAKY BREAKY BREAKY BISHI BISHIII on Sunday November 30th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden is totally SOLD OUT.  However, if you click here then you’ll be able to sign up to the waiting list for any possible returns – and note that this is different from our main mailing list.

Before the events of yesterday we were due to make our usual Match News Monday announcement, but this has been postponed for now – although it was hinted that it would have something to do with this email sent to PROGRESS management…


There will be an announcement regarding this on our social media channels (use the buttons at the top of the screen) at 7.30pm tonight (Tuesday 18th), so tune it to see what PROGRESS management has come up with.

Already announced for Chapter 16 are the following matches…

jimmy vs rampage vs mastiff

fsu vs screw indy wrestling

rj singh vs stixx

Marty Noam

will osprey vs paul robinson

zack gibson vs ali armstrong

What a show this will be. Seriously, this will be mind-blowingly good – but you knew that already, right?

Less than two weeks to go!

Jim, Jon and Glen