Yesterday (Monday) at approximately 2.30pm, an anonymous group of hackers took control of PROGRESS Wrestling’s website and social media channels.
We were able to regain control of the site within a reasonable timeframe… but, as a result of the interference, most of our files were corrupted and so we made the decision to bring the re-build of the new site forward. The website is back online, albeit in a skeleton form for now. It will be filled out over the coming days. Obviously we would have preferred to have it completed before launch, but that was taken out of our hands by the hackers.
We were finally able to regain control of our official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ channels at around 11am this morning, having worked through the night to fix the problem. In a surprising oversight, the hackers did not gain access to our Instagram channel and so we were able to use that to inform fans about what was happening.
None of the posts or Tweets made during the time when we lost control of the channels reflect the views of PROGRESS Wrestling or the company management. We will obviously delete anything that was posted during the “Faceless Takeover”.
Regarding the group calling themselves “The Faceless”, we will not negotiate with either a group nor individuals who refuse to identify themselves. A hack of the nature of yesterday’s events is obviously quite an impressive feat, but at the end of the day it amounts to little more than petty vandalism. They claim that we “know what they want” but the truth of the matter is that we, nor anyone else as far as we’re aware, have been given any concrete statement regarding what that might be.
Jim, Jon and Glen