PROGRESS is delighted to announce a new two-man commentary team, due to make their first appearance on ENDVR 10 (available on DEMAND PROGRESS soon).  This team will also record commentary LIVE at main PROGRESS shows going forwards, beginning with CHAPTER 20: THUNDERBASTARD – BEYOND THUNDERBASTARD on Sunday July 26th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Both names will be very much familiar to fans of PROGRESS:

GLEN JOSEPH is one of the owners of the company, and a successful presenter, actor and musician.  His new role on commentary will mean that he won’t be able to shout at anybody standing on their chair near the front from now on (security will be doubled to reflect this).

Glen will be joined by RJ SINGH, making a return to PROGRESS after his in-ring retirement last year.  That was one of the most emotional moments in the history of the company, and we’re delighted to have RJ on board to pass on his wealth of wrestling knowledge and opinion s one of the most respected wrestlers of his generation.

We’re sure that you’ll make both of these chaps welcome in their new roles.

In other news, former commentator JIMMY BARNETT has left the company.  Co-owner Jim Smallman issued a statement on behalf of PROGRESS today:

“We would like to wish Jimmy Barnett all the best with his future endeavours.  He did of course commentate on every PROGRESS match in the history of the company up until this point, but he stated to us a little while ago that he was looking for a new challenge and wasn’t too keen on renewing his contract.  The last we heard, he was getting on a plane headed for Nashville.  If he has a legacy, it’ll be making sure that an Ace Crusher was never, ever called an RKO. All the best to him, and let us usher in the new era of showbusiness on our commentary team.”

Thanks guys,

Jim, Jon and Glen