At the start of Chapter 18: The Show That We’re Not Allowed to Call Progresslemania For Legal Reasons yesterday, co-owner Jim Smallman was interrupted in his pre-show schtick by a large purple dog.  This was DOWNLOAD DOG, who presented Jim with a letter inviting PROGRESS to be a part of the Download festival at Castle Donington this year.

Furthermore, it seems that we will be there for FIVE STRAIGHT NIGHTS, with an awesome venue.  PROGRESS are more than happy to officially accept this invitation and will be putting on great wrestling for thousands of metal fans every night they’re on site, from Wednesday June 10th when the campsites first open to Sunday June 14th.

This is going to be AWESOME.

Even better, the letter specifically stated that the PROGRESS Champion JIMMY HAVOC was most certainly NOT invited to the party, which led to him sending out his cronies Robinson and Zercher to put the boots to poor Download Dog.

That aside, we’ll keep you informed with more details closer to the time – but we CANNOT WAIT to put on wrestling in front of the BEST music fans in the world. Sweet!

Jim, Jon and Glen