Last night we named the final entrant for CHAPTER 19: SUPER STRONG STYLE 16 – TOURNAMENT EDITION 2015 on Sunday May 24th and Bank Holiday Monday May 25th – which is of course completely SOLD OUT already.  Keep checking back, we will maintain a waiting list shortly for any returns.

And what an announcement the 16th competitor is: Officially the best technical wrestler IN THE WORLD, Britain’s own ZACK SABRE JR.  Returning from a tour of Japan especially to compete in our tournament, we can’t wait to welcome back one of the UK’s greatest exports for a couple of days before he jets off back to Japan.

He joins RODERICK STRONG, WILL OSPREAY, ZACK GIBSON, MARTY SCURLL, TOMMASSO CIAMPA, DAVE MASTIFF, EDDIE DENNIS, JACK GALLAGHER, TOMMY END, EL LIGERO, RAMPAGE BROWN, DAMO O’CONNOR, BIG DADDY WALTER, NOAM DAR, MARK HASKINS in a quite ridiculously stacked line-up for the two days.  And do note – even if a wrestler is eliminated on the first day, they will take part on the second day in some way.

Also already announced for Night One is the huge main event tag match between PROGRESS Champion Jimmy Havoc and Paul Robinson against their former allies (and new company insurance policy) The London Riots; Plus on Night Two we have the first ever women’s match on a main PROGRESS show as ENDVR standouts Pollyanna and Jinny look to settle their feud in a hardcore match.  The whole weekend is shaping up to be AMAZING.

Now then, we need your help with a project.  We want to make a montage video of you PROGRESS fans predicting who will win the first ever SSS16 tournament, so film yourself predicting your winner and send it over to us and we’ll do the rest.  Here’s what you need to do:

* Film yourself on your smartphone naming who you think / want to win SSS16 – ONE NAME ONLY.

* We just want the name, not why or anything like that. JUST THE NAME! These clips need to be SHORT.

* Try to do it somewhere quiet so your voice can be heard clearly!

* Don’t be a dick. Seriously.

* Email the very short video clip to

* Get your friends to do it as well! Or your kids. Or your magical talking dog.

* Re-read the rules above. Any 30 second clips will be instantly deleted! We just want a name of a wrestler in the SSS16. Not your name or reasoning or anything like that. Got it? Then do it and email it to us post-haste!

* The deadline is midnight on Sunday 17th May. GO!

Get right on that and we’ll maybe have a cool video to use on the big screen or on Demand Progress. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget all the AWESOME NEW MERCH over in the shop section. You’ve only got till the end of Monday to claim your discount!

Thanks guys,

Jim, Jon and Glen