It’s finally time for CHAPTER 30: SUPER STRONG STYLE SIXTEEN 2016. Two shows over two days with a ton of matches and a load of fun.  Here’s the important stuff that you need to know ahead of the shows…

BEFORE WE FORGET! You can still get tickets for Jim and Glen’s live PROGcast / Q and A recording after Day One’s action concludes. Click here to grab a ticket for that, you’ll need one to get entry (more on that in a bit).

Right then, important information. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS! On show days we will are INCREDIBLY busy so might not be able to answer your questions on social media. The information below should answer most of your questions. If you’re struggling on a show day, head to the PROGRESS Fan Page on Facebook and someone should be able to help you out.


The Electric Ballroom, Camden

DAY ONE – Sunday 29th May – Doors open at 2pm, show starts at 4pm, finished at around 8pm.

DAY TWO – Monday 30th May – Doors open at 12pm, show starts at 2pm, finished at around 7pm (show has two intervals)


The show SOLD OUT stupidly quickly, as always. You still have a small chance of picking up a returned ticket through our partners at Twickets.  This is the ONLY way to buy any ticket for this show. DO NOT BUY OR SELL TICKETS TO THE TOUTS OUTSIDE. YOU (OR WHOEVER BUYS THEM) WILL NOT GAIN ENTRY TO THE SHOW.

SEASON TICKET HOLDERS: Don’t forget to bring your sexy little wallet and card along with you, although please note that it does not ensure priority admission. You’ll still have to queue / rock up five minutes before show time (delete as applicable).

REGULAR TICKET HOLDERS: Bring your PayPal Receipt OR E-Ticket on your phone or printed out, and some ID. E-Ticket is easier, where applicable.

You will then be given a wristband that corresponds with where you are sitting or standing. If you have a weekend ticket, you will be given an extra wristband to show that you are there for the whole weekend. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR WRISTBANDS ON FOR ENTRY TO DAY TWO!
PLEASE SIT OR STAND WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO. IF YOU SEE AN EMPTY SEAT AND YOU HAVE A STANDING TICKET, DO NOT SIT IN IT. THIS CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS FOR OUR SECURITY.All seats and standing positions are first come, first served within the relevant area.  So if you’re standing and want to be up on the balcony, you’ll need to be there pretty early.

Some people like queueing, some don’t.  The queue often starts very early, but you will still have a seat or standing place as long as you have a ticket.  Queuing early is not mandatory (although our queue is pretty awesome).


Jim and Glen will be recording a LIVE PROGcast inside the Electric Ballroom after the wrestling has concluded on Day One. We will sort out entrance for this AFTER the wrestling has concluded, not before.

If you have a ticket already, please bring your e-ticket with you, printed out or on your phone. If you want to purchase one on the day, then that will be possible. IN EITHER CASE: Once the wrestling has concluded on Day One, you will be shown where to wait within the Ballroom whilst we set up.

The PROGcast should begin at around 8.45 and run till around 11pm.


There is a cloakroom at the Electric Ballroom where you can stash your stuff if you’ve got bags etc with you during the shows.

Please note that you can’t leave any of your belongings inside the Ballroom overnight, especially not on your seat as we have to clean the floor before Day Two begins.


As always, we’ll be selling lots of lovely PROGRESS merch on the day, and as always we accept both cash and cards. This includes everything that we still have in stock in our online shop.

Season ticket holders  – you get 10% discount on any PROGRESS merchandise purchased on the day upon presenting your season ticket card.

Also, many of the individual wrestlers will also be selling their own merchandise so check that out as well.


The nearest tube station to the Electric Ballroom is Camden Town on the Northern Line.  The venue is literally a few yards away from that.

Over weekends some underground lines may be affected by planned engineering works.  You can head to the TFL Website and make sure that the underground line you use is running as usual on Sunday.

If you are planning on using the train to come into London from slightly further afield, there is every chance there will be engineering works thanks to the general mismanagement of the rail network.  Click here to check that your rail journey won’t be affected by anything like that.

Bear in mind if you are driving into London that it is always, without exception, an utter nightmare.


If you’ve never been to a PROGRESS show before, then you’re in for a treat.  It’s loud, raucous and proper good fun. Drinking is fine, chanting stuff is encouraged. Just come and have a bloody good time, but please be considerate of those around you.

For your own safety, don’t get too close to certain wrestlers. And if a wrestler or PROGRESS Security member tells you to move… then move. Rapidly. That normally means a 200lb man is about to land on you. More if it’s an Atlas match.

During the intervals you are free to leave the venue to get food (there is no food available inside the Ballroom) if you need to – but you can’t eat it within the venue.


We’ve given you a LOT of information there, all in the bid to ensure that you have as hassle-free a weekend as possible.  Now get yourselves down to the Ballroom on Sunday and Monday and make some SERIOUS fucking noise, yeah? ALL OF THE NOISE. We want your throat to hate us by the end of Monday.

Oh yes, and of course: The one rule of PROGRESS that you all must remember:

Don’t be a dick.

See you all on Sunday and Monday!

Jim, Jon and Glen