A warning right at the top: this post contains spoilers from yesterday’s show. If you’re trying to avoid the results or knowing what happened, don’t read right to the end (there’ll be plenty of warning before we get to them)!

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Now then, to the matter at hand…

PROGRESS Chapter 27: The Lost Art Of Suffering is on Sunday 27th March at the Electric Ballroom. It’s our birthday show and we have one hell of an evening planned to mark the milestone!

We already know that THE LONDON RIOTS and THE SUMERIAN DEATH SQUAD will face off once again at Chapter 27. One stipulation is already in place, with a second one to be added by the winner of the James Davis vs Tommy End match which happens in Manchester on Valentine’s Day.

As always, we’ll reveal the rest of the card in due course.

Before then, ENDVR:15 takes place on Sunday 13th March at the spiritual home of PROGRESS – The Garage on Highbury Corner. ENDVR has a really unique feel and atmosphere of its own… and it’s THE place to see the future stars of PROGRESS and beyond, first!

We’ve revealed the first match of ENDVR:15 further down this email (again – spoilers!). It’s set to be a cracker, a first-time-anywhere encounter, which we’re already VERY excited for.

Tickets for both Chapter 27 and ENDVR:15 go on sale at 10pm TONIGHT, exclusively to mailing list subscribers. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP RIGHT NOW!

Now… if you don’t want spoilers, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!

If you want to know what happened last night, scroll down…

Keep going…

Bit more…

Nearly there…

So last night at Chat Shit Get Banged, MARTY SCURLL beat WILL OSPREAY to become the new PROGRESS champion. The match was an absolute war that went all round the Electric Ballroom… get signed up to Demand Progress for lovely HD viewing, or grab it on DVD soon. The Age of The Villain has begun… but we’re sure that Ospreay isn’t about to fade into the background…

However, Ospreay will have to wait his turn and earn his opportunity. Earlier in the show, MARK HASKINS got the better of The Origin’s ZACK GIBSON in a Number One Contender’s match, and will challenge Scurll for the title at Chapter 26: Unknown Pleasures. These two men started their careers around the same time and know each other inside out… could Haskins’s inside knowledge of The Villain prove to be the decisive factor when they meet on Valentine’s Day?

Another headline coming out of Chapter 25 is that JINNY picked up the victory in a show-stealing women’s four-way encounter – levelling the score against Pollyanna in the process – and as a result of that win, we can now reveal that the first match at ENDVR:15 on 13th March will be JINNY vs ‘Blue Pants’ LEVA BATES!

Remember – tickets for ENDVR:15 go on sale at 10pm tonight, with general admission costing under a tenner… great value and well worth it!

That’s it. Make sure you’re joined up to our mailing list by 10pm to grab your tickets for Chapter 27, and for ENDVR:15. Thanks for supporting!

Jim, Jon and Glen