We can’t wait for Sunday. CHAPTER 23: WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE of course SOLD OUT in the usual rapid fashion, but you might be able to get a returned ticket via our friends at Twickets. Click here to check them out.

What a show we have planned… WE ARE SO EXCITED WE MIGHT DO A LITTLE WEE.

Right then, important information. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS! On show days we will are INCREDIBLY busy. The information below should answer most of your questions. If you’re struggling on a show day, head to the PROGRESS Fan Page on Facebook and someone should be able to help you out.


The Electric Ballroom, Camden

Doors open at 2pm, show starts at 4pm, finished by around 7.30pm (approx). PLUS WE HAVE TWO PRE-SHOW MATCHES THAT START AT 3.30pm, SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE INSIDE IN TIME FOR THESE.


The show SOLD OUT stupidly quickly. You still have a small chance of picking up a returned ticket through our partners at Twickets.  This is the ONLY way to buy any ticket for this show. DO NOT BUY OR SELL TICKETS TO THE TOUTS OUTSIDE. YOU (OR WHOEVER BUYS THEM) WILL NOT GAIN ENTRY TO THE SHOW.

WE DO NOT ISSUE PHYSICAL TICKETS. Either print off and bring your PayPal receipt (or Twickets receipt if you purchased via them) or show it to us via your Smartphone. Please also bring ID with you just in case you lose your ticket confirmation.

Upon entry you will be issued a wristband that corresponds to where you will be sitting (front row, gold, silver or general) or standing.  PROGRESS Security will be there to help you if you get stuck knowing where you’re meant to be.  If you’ve got a wristband for general seating, don’t try and sit on the front row.  You will be moved.

All seats and standing positions are first come, first served within the relevant area.  So if you’re standing and want to be up on the balcony, you’ll need to be there pretty early.

Some people like queueing, some don’t.  The queue often starts very early, but you will still have a seat or standing place as long as you have a ticket.  Queuing early is not mandatory (although our queue is pretty awesome). Maybe check the weather before you choose to queue and consider wrapping up warm. It’s chilly out there at the moment.  Brrrrrrrrrrr.


As always, we’ll be selling lots of lovely PROGRESS merch on the day, and as always we accept both cash and cards. This includes restocked Ramones and Fight Club style t-shirts, hoodies and beanie hats, as well as everything that we still have in stock in our online shop.

Also, many of the individual wrestlers will also be selling their own merchandise so check that out as well.


The nearest tube station to the Electric Ballroom is Camden Town on the Northern Line.  The venue is literally a few yards away from that.

Over weekends some underground lines may be affected by planned engineering works.  You can head to the TFL Website and make sure that the underground line you use is running as usual on Sunday.

If you are planning on using the train to come into London from slightly further afield, there is every chance there will be engineering works thanks to the general mismanagement of the rail network.  Click here to check that your rail journey won’t be affected by anything like that.

Bear in mind if you are driving into London that it is always, without exception, an utter nightmare.  If you’re planning on parking nearby and getting the tube in, please be aware that Tufnell Park station is currently closed for renovation.


If you’ve never been to a PROGRESS show before, then you’re in for a treat.  It’s loud, raucous and proper good fun. Drinking is fine, chanting stuff is encouraged. Just come and have a bloody good time.

For your own safety, don’t get too close to certain wrestlers. And if a wrestler or PROGRESS Security member tells you to move… then move. Rapidly. That normally means a 200lb man is about to land on you.

During the interval you are free to leave the venue to get food (there is no food available inside the Ballroom) if you need to – but you can’t eat it within the venue.  We’ll also have a quick break after our two pre-show matches before we officially start the show, so time to get a drink in quickly.


Tickets for CHAPTER 25 (Sunday January 24th, The Electric Ballroom, Camden) go on sale at 10pm on Monday November 30th – so our usual next day ticket sale gimmick. As always, this will be for mailing list subscribers ONLY.


We’ve given you a LOT of information there, all in the bid to ensure that you have as hassle-free a show as possible.  Now get yourselves down to the Ballroom on Sunday and make some fucking noise, yeah?

Oh yes, and of course: The one rule of PROGRESS that you all must remember:

Don’t be a dick.

See you all on Sunday!

Jim, Jon and Glen