How you can help PROGRESS during the CoronaCrisis

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How you can help PROGRESS during the CoronaCrisis

Let's not beat around the bush - it's a weird time right now. No shows for the next 3 months, not to mention the fact that right now we're thousands of pounds in the hole for travel costs for our scheduled trip to Tampa (which we should get back, but you never want to count on that until the funds are back in your possession!). 

Like most other live entertainment organisations, we could use a little helping hand during this Coronavirus situation just to help us keep the lights on. Truthfully we don't know how other BritWres companies are set up, but in the interest of transparency we're happy to reveal that we have 7 people on regular, monthly retainers (not including the company owners, who have stopped taking money out of the company)... and our intention is to help those crew and wrestlers who are missing out on paydays because of the cancellations. 


1. Keep your Demand PROGRESS subscription. It's our single most important source of income right now. To help out, we've reduced the monthly rate down to $6.99/month (£6/month approx). If you're not subscribed, you can get a two-week free trial. We're adding new content every day during the shutdown - click here for an updated list.

2. Watch PROGRESStv on Twitch, we'll be streaming there at least three times a week including Wake Up With PROGRESS most weekday mornings.
There's an option to tip on there; if you can spare a couple of pounds, that all gets pooled up and split between the company and crew/wrestlers. If you can't afford to tip, no problem - please just help us spread the word! 

3. We've created the "Cancelled Collection" to mark the three cancelled shows (March 29th in Camden, April 2nd in Tampa, April 20th in Camden). Profits from these merch will be split between the company and crew/wrestlers. Shirts are £15 each or you can bundle all three of them for under £40. 

4. Our ticketing partners at DICE have opened up a donation feature. 100% of the funds donated through that gets pooled up and split between the company and crew/wrestlers. We had a large amount of people asking us if they could donate their ticket price for the cancelled events; legally we're not allowed to simply turn your purchase into a donation, but you can! Get your money back from DICE or WWN and then, if you wish and can afford it, you can donate between £2 and £15.

5. Due to the Lockdown restrictions, we are currently unable to make trips to our lockup and send merchandise out. However, we are still taking orders and, if you can wait until the shutdown is lifted, that's a great way to support us. Take a look at what we have on offer, and if any of it grabs you, order it!
If there's nothing there that grabs you right now, but you want to support anyway... we offer gift cards in denominations from £10 to £100. Right now, it all helps to keep things ticking over and to keeping our team healthy and alive! 

6. If you had a ticket for one of the three cancelled shows (March 29th in Camden, April 2nd in Tampa, April 20th in Camden)... you will get your refund automatically from DICE (for Camden shows) or from WWN (for Tampa). Please be patient, it will get done.
If you're waiting on DICE, you can email
If you're waiting on WWN, you can email

Thank you for reading, and for any support that you can offer. It is very much appreciated.