Support PROGRESS during Lockdown

Our entire schedule has been cancelled until at least October.
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As a result, and like most other live entertainment organisations, we could use a little helping hand so that we, in turn, can help to keep our talented production team fed and watered. We have 7 people on monthly retainers, which is not an inconsiderable monthly outgoing.


1. Keep your Demand PROGRESS subscription. It's our single most important source of income right now. To help out, we've reduced the monthly rate down to $6.99/month (£6/month approx). If you're not subscribed, you can get a two-week free trial. We're adding new content constantly during the lockdown including new, original content. 
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2. We are still accepting and shipping merchandise orders; please note that to protect our team, we're only making the trip to our lockup once each week, and we appreciate your understanding and patience if an order takes a few extra days to reach you.
PROGRESS Merchandise (sold and shipped by us directly to you)
PROGRESS on Pro Wrestling Tees
PROGRESS Kids Shirts and Babygrows at Pins and Knuckles
Collab Merch Project - we've teamed up with independent designers to offer  unique, limited run merchandise - there's something new every week!
Take a look at what we have on offer, and if any of it grabs you, order it! 
If there's nothing there that grabs you right now, but you want to support anyway... we offer gift cards in denominations from £10 to £100. Right now, it all helps to keep things ticking over!
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3. If you don't want merch, but do want to contribute in a small way, our ticketing partners at DICE have opened up a donation feature. 100% of the funds donated through that gets pooled up and split between the company and crew/wrestlers. We had a large amount of people asking us if they could donate their ticket price for the cancelled events; legally we're not allowed to simply turn your purchase into a donation, but you can! Get your money back from your ticket provider, and then, if you wish and can afford it, you can donate between £2 and £15.

If you had a ticket for any of the cancelled shows (click here for a list)... you will get your refund automatically from your ticket provider. Please be patient, it will get done.
Specifically for those that bought tickets through DICE: their help team is fantastic and you can reach them on


PROGRESS Champion: Cara Noir

PROGRESS Tag Team Champions: Vacant 

PROGRESS Proteus Champion: Paul Robinson 

PROGRESS Women's Champion: Jinny

Anti Fun Police 

Candy Floss

CCK / Chris Brookes

Chris Ridgeway

Chuck Mambo

Eddie Dennis

Eddie Kingston

Gene Munny

Gisele Shaw

Ilja Dragunov

Kyle Fletcher

Mark Andrews

Mark Davis

Medusa Complex

More Than Hype

Pretty Deadly 

Present William Eaver

Spike Trivet 


Young Guns

Thank you for reading, and for any support that you can offer. It is very much appreciated.