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First off: GET ON OUR MAILING LIST. This is pretty much the ONLY way that you’ll be able to get premium tickets for our shows as they ALWAYS go on sale to mailing list subscribers first.  We promise you no spam. CLICK HERE AND GET SIGNED UP FOR THAT NOW. Our mailouts are spoiler-free until the show has been uploaded to Demand Progress.

It’s really very easy to get in touch with us – all of our social media contacts are represented by the buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Use those to find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

If you ever need to email us, you can do so:

If you are contacting us via email, bear with us when expecting a reply – there are only three of us running the company and we’re often very busy dealing with a variety of different things.  We will get back to you eventually, we promise!

Should you want to contact any of the three of us individually, please use our Twitter handles. Please try to keep PROGRESS-related stuff to the company profiles where possible! 

Jim Smallman – @jimsmallman

Jon Briley – @BriloTweet

Glen Joseph – @Glen_Joseph


Company Info

JJG Partners Ltd
Registered office: 119c Lady Margaret Road, London N19 5ER
VAT Reg No 229726973